The Dog Days of Summer

The hottest days of summer are upon us. After a fairly mild summer so far, the last two weeks have been miserably hot and extremely humid. It is hard to play outside, and even getting in the car to ride somewhere is miserable.

The good part of that is that we’ve been home a good bit. We are almost finished with our South Carolina State study that we’ve been doing this summer, and the big kids are making good progress in their summer bridge books and on catching up with their catechism memorization. With the little girls, I’ve been reading through the Preschool book in the Core Knowledge series, and we have finished it and are going to begin reading through the Kindergarten book. I also let them begin their ABEKA workbooks with phonics and math because they were both so excited to begin.

I plan to keep on schooling through the end of August and then take a break around Labor Day. We had thought about going camping, but after our last experience, I’m not so sure. We may just stay at home and have a stay-cation.

We have a full schedule for the fall: Charles and Ashlyne will be playing soccer. Jason is coaching on Ashlyne’s team. All of the children will be doing AWANA. I am the general AWANA secretary. All of the children will be doing children’s choir on Sunday evenings while Jason and I lead a parenting class. Kathryne and Ashlyne will be taking a praise dance class. And all of the children and I will be involved in a coop this year that meets every other Friday and will have classes in history and science for all the children. This is the busiest we’ve allowed ourselves to be in a while. For the past two years while Jason was in school, we really limited our extra activities. So, we’ll see how it goes this fall.

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