A Fall Update

I just realized it has been a while since I blogged.

We have been busy with the start of fall activities. What are we doing this fall?

We are starting our fall school quarter. We school year round. Our summer quarter ends in August and our fall quarter starts in September. I posted about our curriculum this fall here.

We are back into extracurricular activities now that Jason is through school. Charles and Ashlyne are playing soccer. Jason is coaching for Ashlyne’s team. Kathryne and Ashlyne are taking a praise dance class for homeschoolers. Charles is taking guitar lessons. We are involved in a co-op every other Friday where the kids are taking some history and science classes. We are also doing choir and AWANA at church. It sounds like a lot, but it really turns out to be Tuesday nights, most of Wednesday and every other Friday. So, we’ll see how we do with so much. Next semester might be different.

Something fun our family is going to do next week: We have been given a stay at the beach in a condo! We have rarely gone on vacation with just our six. Our yearly summer beach trip is with all of Jason’s family. It is lots of fun, but we look forward to a chance to have a vacation with just us. The kids are very excited about the condo with a pool, playground, playroom, and several lakes. I am excited about a week out of our routine.

It is hard to believe our summer is almost over. As I stood outside with my neighbor tonight, we talked about how we would miss the long days of summer, watching the kids play outside until 9 without it getting dark. But, I also look forward to fall festivals and visiting the apple orchard, and the kids are planning their Halloween costumes. So, we can enjoy the changing season looking forward to what is coming as we leave one season behind.

Happy Fall!

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