Living at Light Speed

I looked at my calendar today and it was September 25. As in, the end of September. As in, officially fall. As in, not much more than a month until Thanksgiving, then Christmas.

We are definitely more busy this fall, and I think that is making time fly even faster. Kathryne and Ashlyne are doing praise dance. Ashlyne and Charles are playing soccer. Charles is taking guitar. And all four children are involved in AWANA and children’s choir at church. Not to mention that we are now in a full school schedule, including an every other Friday co-op group. We are having fun, and thankfully our schedules are such that we are doing most of these things as a family, so we are not neglecting our time together. But, it does make time fly.

Sometimes I’m glad time is flying. I like to be busy. I like to have a schedule and a routine. Although, I loved our leisure time at the beach last week, I was (almost) ready to get home just to have something to do besides sit by the pool and read.

But, sometimes look at fast time is going by, and I just want to stop. I want my children to stay this age just a little longer. I want to watch soccer games and listen to choir performances, and help practice AWANA verses for just a little longer.

Time, just slow down a bit. Let me breathe deep and take time to enjoy my children more. Let me finish those books I’ve been meaning to read and send those cards I’ve been meaning to send, and call those folks I’ve been meaning to talk to.

Sometimes, it is not so fun living at light speed.

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