Weekly Homeschool Highlights- Oct.1

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I’ve been wanting to start some sort of a weekly summary since I seem to be having a hard time getting motivated (or finding time) to blog recently. So, I was excited to see a meme started over at Mishmash Maggie.

I had all good intentions of having some great pictures to go along with my post this Friday. But, alas, my camera is missing. I am hoping against hope that it is just lost in the shuffle in my car. I had lots of neat pictures of things we’ve done this week, but my retelling will have to suffice.

Bible– We are reading through the Old Testament using the passages and worksheets here. This week we read about the first sin, the first murder, and the life of Enoch in Genesis 3-4.

Language Arts– We read chapter 2-3 in Prince Caspian and narrated and discussed. We also completed two lessons in Simply Grammar- infinitives and indicative mood verbs.

Math– Charles(Spectrum Math) is working on adding and subtracting multiple digit numbers with carrying and borrowing. (This is a review for him.) Kathryne(Math-U-See Delta) is dividing three digits by two digits. Ashlyne(Math-U-See Primer) is adding 10s. And Rachel(ABEKA 123) did the number eight page.

History– We finished our timeline review and began listening to Story of the World Volume Two with the fall of Rome.

Science– We began reading Backyard: One Small Square and did a nature study. This was one of the things I really wanted to show pictures of. This was our first attempt at nature study complete with sketches- something new we’re trying this year. I thought the kids did so well sketching and coming up with things they wanted to explore more. I sketched too, and then we came in and looked up information about the things we had observed. We really enjoyed this.

Music– We discussed Bach and listened to several pieces. I have some recordings that we are using to listen to works of famous composers, but I also found this great site for information about and music from several composers.

Poetry– Each week we read one poem and talk a little about the poet. This week we read A Song from the Suds by Louisa May Alcott.

Shakespeare– We read The Tempest from Lambs Tales of Shakespeare.

Picture study– We are studying Monet this semester.

Latin– We learned the conjugations of the verb- to love as well as discussing verb and noun endings.

Preschool– Ashlyne is working on blends and word beginnings, and she is beginning to read short vowel words. She finished book A in the ABEKA Learn to Read series this week. Rachel is working on letter sounds. I am also doing readings from the Core Knowledge series with Ashlyne and Rachel. This week we read several fairy tales and some early American history.

Extracurricular– We took a field trip to Ray’s Splash Planet, and indoor water park. Kathryne and Charles sang with the children’s choir at a Missions dinner Thursday night. And tomorrow morning, Charles and Ashlyne have their first soccer games!

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