Weekly Homeschool Highlights- Week 5; October 9

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This week ended up being a busy one. Somehow that always seems to happen. Monday and Tuesday were good stay at home and do school days. We actually got lots done because we had some really rainy weather, and we couldn’t go outside. I was not as diligent about taking pictures this week. Despite all we accomplished, I felt a little uninspired because of the weather.

Our week:

Bible– We read Genesis 5-7, the flood.

Language Arts– spelling lessons; listening to Winter’s Tale from Shakespeare; chapters 4-5 in Prince Caspian; reading “Beautiful Soup” by Lewis Carroll.

Math– Kathryne- dividing four numbers by one; Charles- a review of multiplying one digit by two digits with renaming; Ashlyne adding tens and skip counting by 10s

Science– continued reading Backyard: One Small Square; nature walk and drawing in nature journals (We looked at things that we could see after the rain.)

– listened to chapters 2-3 of Story of the World volume 2

Latin– Finished unit one and took our first quiz. Both Kathryne and Charles did very well!

Preschool– Rachel is working on the number 9 and beginning consonant sounds. Ashlyne is reading the ABEKA Learn to Read book B.

Extracurricular- On Tuesday we had soccer practice. Wednesday, Kathryne had a friend over, and she stayed with us for dance and church. On Thursday, the kids went to my mother-in-laws for my monthly day out, and I went to the homeschool bookstore. Today we had our Fun Friday co-op.

This weekend will be full also with soccer pictures and games tomorrow. Sunday is ROAR soccer day at church, and Charles gets to usher dressed in his uniform. Sunday night is choir. And Monday we are off to a farm field trip. I will make sure to take lots of pictures for next Friday’s highlights.

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