Weekly Wrap Up- October 16

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We have had another rainy week here. Thankfully, we were home much more this week- always a good thing in my book!

Here is what we accomplished this week and some pictures of our week.

Last Saturday, we had soccer games in the rain- not really my idea of a good time, but the kids had lots of fun, and Charles was a great goalie! (Not that I’m bragging.)

In school work this week:

Bible: We talked about the Tower of Babel and Abram (Genesis 11-12).

Language Arts: We read chapters 6-7 of Prince Caspian and discussed.

Poetry: We read “Oh Susanna” by Stephen Foster.

Music: We discussed Brahms and listened to several of his pieces.

Math: Kathryne is still plugging along in long division- not her favorite math. Charles is mutiplying by multiple digits, and he is enjoying math. Ashlyne is skip counting by tens.

Picture Study: We are studying Monet. We watched the movie “Linnea in Monet’s Garden” and studied one of Monet’s garden paintings.

History: We listened to Story of the World Volume two- chapters 3-4. (I learned things I didn’t know about the beginnings of Islam- very interesting.)

Science: We continued read Backyard: One Small Square and took and nature walk and drew in our nature notebooks.

Charles’s notebook:

My notebook:

Rachel’s notebook (She wrote the word “cat” herself.):

Latin: We are learning and practicing verb endings and conjugating.

We also had lots of fun this week. I like being at home. Here’s my crazy boy.:

And here was Rachel reading to her tiger after she finished school work today.:

Tomorrow we’re off to more soccer games. I hope the sun is shining.

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