Weekly Wrap Up- October 25

I realize that it is Sunday and I am just now writing a Weekly Wrap up. After a fairly slow week, we had a busy Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Monday was a relatively slow, stay at home and do school day. We are heading in to the life of Abraham in our Old Testament study. We read “How Pleasant to Know Mr. Lear” by Edward Lear as our poem of the week, and we talked more about nonsense poetry. We like nonsense poetry. We discussed Claude Debussey and listened to several pieces of his music, including Claire de Lune (which I happily pointed out was in the book Twilight). We also continued on in our listening to Story of the World Volume Two studying about the spread of Islam and the Tang dynasty of China. We read chapter 8 in Prince Caspian.

On Tuesday, I had a sick child. The older kids went ahead with their individual work- math, spelling and the usual daily work, but we didn’t do much together because I was back and forth taking care of the sick one. Thankfully the sickness didn’t last long and she was feeling better by Tuesday evening.

On Wednesday we made up some of our together work, reading another Prince Caspian chapter and listening to the next Story of the World segment. We opted not to do our dance classes and AWANA because I really wanted to keep everyone close to home to make sure we were all recovered.

Thursday was a regular school day, and it was nice weather. We finished reading Backyard: One Small Square, our nature study book and started growing some mold on a piece of bread. [On a side note, this was one of those humorous homeschool moments. Jason: Why is that piece of bread back behind the bread basket in that jar? Me: We’re growing mold on it.] The weather was so pleasant that we did our Prince Caspian reading outside. On Thursday evening, we had soccer games out under the lights- fun!

Friday was our Fun Friday co-op day. Friday evening, we had friends over for a game night. We had a great time and a late night.

This week is going to be a short week as we are going to take a fall break Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

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