What I've Learned from Homeschooling

My Homeschool Minute e-mail today from The Old Schoolhouse was about what I (as a homeschool parent) have learned from homeschooling. There were some excellent (and tear-jerking) articles from the contributors. It made me stop and think. What have I learned from homschooling? Here’s my top ten list:

10- Nothing is better than waking up on a cold rainy morning and knowing that I do not have to go out the door and drag four, protesting children with me.

9- All children learn differently- even those born and raised in the same family!

8- My children love to be read to, and I love to read to them.

7- Learning involves so much more than sitting at a desk and writing in a book.

6- Real learning can seldom be measured by what a child can recall and write down for a test.

5- My children usually learn the most at times when I didn’t plan for it and wasn’t expecting it.

4- Just because a child is crawling around under the table and playing while I’m reading doesn’t mean he isn’t hearing everything and won’t be able to narrate it back perfectly.

3- I don’t know everything. Sometimes I just have to admit it and look it up. And sometimes I just have to say, “It’s okay. Let’s do it this way instead because I can understand that better.”

2- Being with my children day in and day out and sharing their achievements and frustrations, their happy and their sad, is irreplaceable. I would not trade it for a job with lots of money or for free time to pursue “my stuff” uninterrupted or for any other reason that I can imagine at this time.

1- What God has called me to do, He is faithful to equip me to do. I may feel like I can’t do this anymore. I can’t take the pressure. I am overwhelmed. I need a break. But God Who has called me is faithful to provide the strength, the grace, the encouragement to go on.

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