The First Thanksgiving Dinner- Part Two


In case you missed Part One of this saga, you can read it here.

Jason came home today with the monster bird already cooked and carved. It was so yummy. I must say, our cook at church does an excellent turkey! I tackled cornbread dressing, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, and rolls.

Planning the strategy for how to cook everything was not easy. I have one reliable oven rack. I also have a small convection oven, but it often cooks too hot. I enlisted Kathryne as my helper. She chopped nuts, crumbled cornbread, and mixed the green bean casserole.

I must say, despite my fears (and with a little help) everything except the dressing turned out well. For my dressing I used some crazy recipe off the internet. I thought it sounded like the one my mom and Jason’s mom makes, but it was not so much. And, my trouble was compounded by the fact that this funky new menu planner I tried using converted everything to foreign measurements. Who knows what 21/64 of a cup is? Or what a dram is? I think I’m dumping the menu planner!

We ate lots and have some leftovers. And the animals are going to have a nice treat when I go dump that dressing in the woods tomorrow. Even the pumpkin pie was good!

As we sat around the table, I gave each person five kernels of popcorn (symbolic of the five grains of corn the Pilgrims had to eat per day during the Starving Time.) We used each kernel to talk about something we were thankful for. Despite my lack of culinary skills, it was a good time. Not something I want to repeat often but a good time.

For decoration tonight, we had our Thankful tree, made earlier this week, on display.


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