Weekly Wrap Up- November 13

I have decided that my Weekly Wrap Up would be decidedly more interesting if I were more consistent in taking pictures of what we were doing during the week. However, despite the lack of pictures, we did have a good homeschooling week here in the Courtney household.

Here are some highlights:

Math– Kathryne and Charles are both working various forms of long division, not so fun for them or me. Thankfully, Kathryne has a very good grasp and Charles is getting there. I will be very grateful when Kathryne finishes up Math-U-See Delta and starts Epsilon because I love fractions!

Shakespeare– We listened to As You Like It on Librivox. I really enjoy all the great audios Librivox has to offer. The kids prefer me to read the Shakespeare stories out loud from the online version of Lamb’s Tales, but sometimes I just need a break from reading out loud.

Music– We started a music appreciation unit and talked about the basic parts of the orchestra. I found this great site that helped us explore the different instruments in the orchestra, and we started listening to Peter and the Wolf- one of my almost forgotten favorites from elementary school music.

Nature Study– We completed the Outdoor Hour Challenge #2, which I blogged about here, despite heavy rains all week.

Literature– We began reading Pilgrim Stories Volume One. This is a freebie I have from Homeschool Freebie of the Day. It is a great three volume set published in the 1900s that gives a story account of the pilgrims’ journey to Holland and then America and then their new lives there. They are great living books. We started them last November but didn’t finish because we stopped to do our Christmas unit, so I started them again and hope to read all three through this time.

Today was our Fun Friday co-op. We only have two more meetings left for the fall. I think we have decided not to do it again in the spring. Even every other Friday is a big time commitment, and my older kids just don’t seem to enjoy the co-op as it is geared more toward younger children.

Tomorrow holds our last soccer games, and this week is our last praise dance class and recital. Fall has flown by and is now wrapping up so quickly!

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