Weekly Wrap Up- November 20

This week was a “week before vacation” week. We had less school work this week- a field trip on Tuesday, oral book reports with friends on Friday, and a dress rehearsal and dance program in the midst.

We read lots this week from Pilgrim Stories Volume One. We finished it up and watched a Thanksgiving movie online from Discovery Education on Friday.

On Tuesday we took a great field trip to our local state park, home of Andrew Jackson. The children toured the museum and learned about colonial times and had the chance to play with and make colonial toys. We picnicked and then hiked around the lake. The weather turned out to be beautiful!

Hiking around the lake

Tuesday evening, we went to Ashlyne’s end of the year soccer celebration. I think I’m glad soccer is over for the season.

Ashlyne's team

On Wednesday, we had all our usual afternoon activities- guitar for Charles and dance for the girls, then dinner and AWANA.

Thursday was, very thankfully a stay-at-home day.

On Friday, after we finished up our work at home, we met some other homeschooling friends to present oral book reports. Charles dressed up as Peter and presented Prince Caspian and Kathryne dressed up as a vet and presented The Making of a Woman Vet, a biography.

Friday evening was the girls praise dance recital. That will be the end of dance until the spring.

This week we will take most of the week off of school. I’m planning to continue reading the Pilgrim Stories, and we’ll be making some Thanksgiving goodies.

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