Weekly Wrap Up- November 6

This week was wonderful because the sun came out. After some serious rainy weather through the weekend, this week was beautiful.

Monday was still rainy. We had a regular at home school day, then went to the library after supper. I think the librarians all grin to see us coming. Five people who check out three huge bags worth of books each week. I’m not sure if they’re smiling because they like us, or because they know when I am one day late with those books, I’ve paid someone’s daily salary!

Tuesday the sun came out. We hurried through school work as quickly as we could and spent the rest of the day outside. I sat in the swing and read for a bit while the kids played. Ahhhh. We also started the Outdoor Challenge Hour on Tuesday (which I posted about here.)

On Wednesday, more sun, school work (including reading Much Ado about Nothing from Lamb’s Tales of Shakespeare, which I think is my favorite Shakespeare play so far), praise dance class, dinner at church, and AWANA.

On Thursday, another stay-at home day. After supper Jason gave hair cuts to Kathryne and Charles. I love having a jack-of-all-trades for a husband.

Today, we went to Andrew Jackson State Park with some homeschool friends. We toured the museum and walked on the trail. We stayed on because Jason brought the camper down. He’s spending the night tonight, but I came home with the kids. Tomorrow we’ll head back down after soccer games, spend the day, and have a cook-out. Charles will spend the night with Jason, but the girls and I will come home to sleep in our nice, warm beds- my idea of camping. I have some great pictures of the park, but I’ll wait and put them all together with our pictures of camping for the whole weekend.

It has been a nice week. We are managing to stay busy enough to keep things exciting but not so busy that we are always running. I like a happy medium!

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