2009 Year in Review

I looked back today at my New Years post for 2009.

I am happy to see that many of my goals were accomplished for the year. I did read through my Bible for the year. The accountability group fell by the wayside as I struggled to balance time online. I also completed my own personal study of the book of Revelation which was very insightful.
I did read the Charlotte Mason volumes and have worked on incorporating more of her ideas into our school. I can honestly say that I believe this is the best homeschooling year we have had so far. After six years, I finally feel like I am getting into a groove. Working on handwriting with all the children is still a struggle for me. I have been more deliberate about handwriting, but honestly, it is something I do not enjoy myself.
I have attempted to exercise more and be more active. I rejoined Spark People in June and have exercised more faithfully than ever! Our family eating habits have improved even more, and I am finally learning to balance cost with health at the grocery store!

I reviewed my reading over the past year at my Good Reads blog here.

Some favorite memories of the year:

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