Fifteen Years Ago...

I had just married my best friend. We had a storybook wedding complete with hundreds of guests, beautiful flowers, lots of candles (that didn’t light), roses (that we forgot to give to our mothers), a huge reception (that the photographer rushed us through), and most importantly each other.

Jason is still my best friend. He is my hero who comes to my rescue when I back into another car in the parking lot (don’t ask). He is the one who will take me to a movie he doesn’t want to see and sit through it without complaining and then stand in line in the cold at Target for an hour at 4:30 in the morning. He will give me back rubs when my head hurts. He lets me go out by myself when I’ve had a tremendously long day with the kids.

I am convinced the man can fix anything! He healed my wounded and dying garbage disposal this week after I had fed it glass (don’t ask). I cannot even count the number of times he has repaired our cars (yes, we have old vehicles!).

He is a loving husband and a wonderful father who loves me and our children. I am incredible thankful for him on this 15th anniversary of our marriage and I look forward to the next fifteen.

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