Weekly Wrap Up- The Christmas Break Edition

Having officially finished up school last week and having started our Christmas break, I thought this would be a slow week. Not exactly.

On Monday, I kept my friend’s four children while she set up for a dinner and reception. In return, I got to attend the dinner and reception Monday evening. It was very Christmassy and very fun!

Tuesday was Christmas Around the World craft day with the homeschool group. We did a table for Australia and made surfboards and ate kiwi. Did you know that in Australia Santa comes in on a surfboard because it is so warm? I learned something new. The kids had a great time at this event and enjoyed meeting some new friends.

On Wednesday we went to the museum with another homeschooling family. My children never cease to be tired of our local museum, and they loved showing it off to the other family who had not been there often. Wednesday afternoon we went to the church to be church mice (explained more in this post) and for our last AWANA meeting for the year.

Thursday my sister and I took my children and my nephew’s little boy to Concord Mills, a large mall about an hour away. They had a Christmas train to ride, Santa to visit, and a Santa Land in the Outdoor World store. Unfortunately we also had a bad experience. I had bought for each child one Lego set in the new Lego store at the mall. This was a special treat for us and something we had decided on before the trip. At the Outdoor World store, I set the bags down to help the little girls do an activity, and when I looked up they were gone! Our bags were stolen! We reported the event to the store, but I do not have great hopes anything will be returned. The children- especially the older ones- were quite upset that someone would do that. Their mall trip was quite spoiled. We did use it as a good opportunity to talk about how bad things happen and how we can and should respond, as well as discussing the need to pray for whoever did it. I think they have learned some valuable lessons, although I must say, they were hard lessons to learn!

Today was, very thankfully, a stay-at-home day. We cleaned out bedrooms well. Tomorrow is the family Christmas for my side of the family. I informed the children that they couldn’t fit any toys, if they happened to get them, in messy rooms. It was good motivation.

Kathryne is attending her first slumber party tonight. The friend is from our church and we know the family well. Kathryne has spent the night with her alone, but this will be the first real “party.” Needless to say, she was very excited when she headed out with Jason.

We’ve had really wet, cold weather today, and there is a possibility of some snow/slush tonight. Of course here in the south that means all the bread and milk are sold out of the store, and people are settling in to spend days inside! I’m hoping we get nothing. In fact, we have had the wettest, gloomiest fall I can remember, and I am quite ready for some sunshine and warmth! I’m trying to talk Jason into moving to Florida!

I will not be posting much this coming week but enjoying the holidays with my family. Merry Christmas to all! Check out Weird, Unsocialized Homschoolers for more Weekly Wrap Ups.

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