A School Update

I realized that it has been quite a while since I posted about what is going on in our homeschool this quarter. So here goes:

Bible: What began as an Old Testament study this year has turned into a Genesis study. We are still in Genesis studying Jacob. Over Christmas break, I found an Old Testament workbook from Scripture Adventures. We are really enjoying the activities in this study.

Kathryne and Charles are completing a Night at the Museum lapbook. We have enjoyed these two movies, and right before Christmas, I found a free lapbook. (I believe it was from CurrClick.) We are taking time to read about and study several of the characters from the movie. So far we have talked about Atilla the Hun, Ivan the Terrible, Napoleon, Custer, Theodore Roosavelt, and Amelia Earhart.

Ashlyne and Rachel are completing a lapbook that goes with the book Officer Buckle and Gloria. It is from Homeschool Share.

We are all listening through Lambs Tales of Shakespeare. And last week I found an animation of Midsummer’s Night’s Dream on YouTube to watch.

We are also studying Van Gogh as our artist this quarter. We have studied some general information about him and will begin looking at some of his paintings.

For our music appreciation, we are using Classics for Kids to study the different musical periods. We listen to information about and music from a different period each week.

We read a different poem together each week and use a phrase from the poem as copywork. Lately we’ve been reading some poetry from Logfellow. This week, we’ll be reading The Song of Hiawatha.

For history, we are continuing to listen to Story of the World volume 2. I enjoy the Middle Ages and think the kids are enjoying it also.

In science, we are using the God’s Design series from Answers in Genesis. We are using the plant study this quarter, and I hope to tie in some nature studies as the weather improves in the spring.

Kathryne has finished Delta in Math-U-See and is beginning Epsilon (fractions). Charles is continuing through the fourth grade Spectrum math workbook. Rachel is working through the ABEKA ABC123 book. And I have recently signed Ashlyne up for Time4Learning. She was having some difficulty with workbooks and focusing. I thought it was worth a try to let her use the computer for some of that skills work. She’s only been doing it for one week, but she seems to be enjoying it and does focus better on the computer.

For extracurricular activities:
We are participating in a Friday co-op. Right now the little girls’ class is studying transportation, and Kathryne and Charles are doing carpentry. Next in co-op with be an Olympics study.

We are continuing with AWANA on Wednesdays and choir on Sundays.

Kathryne and Ashlyne will be starting Praise Dance class again in February.

Also in February, Kathryne will be in a drama class with our local community theater.

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