Bible in 90 Days- Day 30 Check In

Thirty days have passed since I began this endeavor. I am still caught up and reading now in Chronicles. I was behind a day because of our trip this week, but I was able to get caught up today while we were housebound in the snow.

Reading through the Old Testament this quickly has been very interesting. I have been able to draw some connections between people and events that I never noticed before. It is also neat how several different Bible studies are meshing together for me right now, allowing me to see the big picture better than I ever have. I am reading in the Old Testament. We have been studying the Old Testament in Bible for school this year and completed a Jesse Tree over Christmas. (The Jesse Tree traces the lineage of Christ and the prophecies of His coming from creation on.) Ashlyne is studying the Old Testament in her AWANA Sparks book this semester, and I have to read it to her, so I’m hearing it there. And I am reading the book of John with some other ladies in a Bible study online group. I am noticing all kinds of things about the Old Testament and the history of Israel which are ultimately going to lead up to the coming of the Messiah. And I am seeing in the book of John how some of these things are fulfilled and culminate in the life of Christ. Very exciting!

Reading through Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles, I sometimes have trouble keeping all the kings and their lives straight. Because these books repeat the same period of history from different perspectives, I often am finding it difficult to keep all the information straight in my mind. I found this informative site today with several charts from the study of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles. It helped me to sort some things out and get a better grasp of what was going on historically at the time.

I am looking forward to completing my journey through the kingly histories and getting into the reading of the prophets as I continue to read through John.

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