Changes Are A Comin'

We’re having a baby! Not really. But we are going to be keeping a baby starting Monday.

This is actually an answer to prayer. Jason and I had talked after Christmas and decided something had to give financially. I had considered getting a part time job. He had considered an additional part time job. Whatever we did, we didn’t want it to negatively affect the kids or change our homeschooling.

Not long after our talk, what should come along but an opportunity to keep a baby full time! I don’t have to leave my children. I don’t have to change anything about homeschooling. And, we get a baby during the day. That we get to send home at night. The best of all worlds!

So, we’re looking forward to some changes, some adjustments in our schedule, and getting used to a baby in the mix again.

Changes are a comin’.

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