I can't believe I forgot the camera and other odds and ends

The kids and I went on a mini vacation with my mom this week. We went to Great Wolf Lodge in Concord NC, about an hour away. Great Wolf is a family resort with a huge water park as the main attraction. They also have a large arcade, Gr8 space, a game room for tweens and teens, and Cub Club, a playroom for the younger set. Another main attraction is their MagiQuest game sprawled out on three floors of the hotel.

We went Thursday morning, checked in about noon and visited the water park, played MagiQuest, and went to the arcade. We spent the night in a Kids Kamp room, complete with a special cabin like area for the kids to sleep in. Friday morning, we did some Cub Club activities, played more MagiQuest, and spent the day in the water park before heading home.

The whole thing was a great experience! Of course, I forgot my camera. So, I have no pictures of Kathryne and Charles becoming Master Magis in MagiQuest, Rachel sliding down the water slides at Fort McKenzie, Ashlyne enjoying the wave pool, Charles completing the lily pad obstacle course over and over, or myself taking the plunge down the Howling Tornado. But, we have the memories of a great vacation (and some MagiQuest wands if we ever want to play again).

In other news, we had snow today! It was really more of a sleety, icy mess, but around here anything white that falls from the sky counts as snow. I do have pictures of my crew playing in the snow/sleet/ice mess. I took them from inside where I sat safe and warm supervising the dressing and undressing of layers of wet clothing every time someone went in and out and making hot chocolate for the cold and weary players.

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