Bible in 90 Days- Day 51 Check In

I am reading in Isaiah now on day 51 of Read Through the Bible in 90 days.

I am finding Isaiah, a book of Messianic prophecy, especially interesting right now in light of a fiction book I’ve been reading. The AD Chronicles by Brock and Bodie Thoene is a fictionalized series about the life of Christ. The Thoene’s books center around Israel’s role in ancient and modern times.

It always causes me pause when I read the gospels and realize how many people did not accept the fact that Jesus Christ was the Messiah. Reading Isaiah and seeing the prophecies, I just don’t understand how people missed it! But, then I read books like the Thoene’s and think of what Israel was like when Christ came- the cruel and harsh Roman rule- and I can see why people were looking for a different kind of Messiah and why it may have been difficult for them to realize that Jesus really was Who He said.

So, reading through the Bible this way is really helping me to get a big overall picture and is helping me to make some connections that I haven’t made before.

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