Weekly Wrap Up- The Date Night Edition

School went well this week. I sat down and figured out what we need to do to be finishing up this quarter’s material by the end of April. I plan on taking the month of May off. We school through the summer, so we will take May off and then start our summer unit in June. We will easily have our required 180 days by the end of April, and I think, with my schedule, we can actually finish our material also!

Math is becoming an issue for us. Charles has done well this year using Spectrum, but Kathryne, who is in her second year of Math U See has sooo many gaps in her math knowledge. I think Math U See was NOT a good choice for us. At the time, I think being able to see the concepts illustrated really helped her, but now I think she is really lacking in areas. So, I have ordered Saxon curriculum. I am going to start her now through the rest of this quarter and cover as much as we can. It will mean she starts half a year behind in the fall, but I think in the long run, this will be better for her. I ordered materials for Charles also and plan to have him start in the fall. He is right on track with math.

One thing I have learned about homeschooling is that this is always an adaptation and adjustment. We do what works and evaluate and change when it doesn’t. That is a benefit of homeschooling (even though it can seem frustrating sometimes). I have the ability to see what my children need and adapt as they need it.

This weekend, we had a special treat. All of our kids and their two cousins spent the night with Jason’s mom and dad Friday. We had a date night and a date day on Saturday. I always miss the kiddos, but I enjoy getting to spend time with Jason.

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