Bible in 90 Days- Day 73 Check In

The Gospels:

I am flying through the four Gospels with amazing speed. It is occasionally difficult to keep them straight reading so quickly. I keep reading and rereading and trying to assimilate it all.

Several things I am constantly struck by in the reading of the Gospels:
1. Jesus was very confrontational. His message was not easy for the people to accept.
2. Jesus was very socially active. He didn't swoop in and save the world in the way some people expected, but He did change people's lives. He healed, he fed, he listened, he ministered to physical as well as spiritual needs. I am convicted by my lack of social activism.
3. People were changed when they met Jesus. They either worshiped Him or hated Him, but they were changed.

I found this interesting chart of the synopsis of the four gospels (note the Chinese version). I like to be able to see the events mentioned in the Gospels and compare what each writer says about the event.


  1. Thanks for linking that chart. Very helpful!

  2. Thanks so much for the overview.

    Hopefully we will all be changed by this reading. Heard last night from a young couple who have been changed into social activists for Cambodia by a mission trip, oh to have their fire for God's people.

    Just rememebered you and yours to our Father.


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