Of Spring and time changes and consignment sales and St. Patrick's Day

Spring is in the air. The time has changed. Hooray! I love it when we can go outside after supper and play in the light! I don’t love it quite so much when my alarm goes off at 7:00, and it is still dark. But, I can sacrifice. Spring is actually my favorite season. I am especially looking forward to it this year because of the cold, rainy winter we’ve had.

Around here, the changing of the seasons means children’s consignments sales. We’ve had one locally the past three weeks. I usually avoid going to these things like the plague. I prefer to get all our clothes as hand-me-downs, from freecycle, or at Goodwill. Occasionally I will buy something off the clearance rack at Target. But going to the consignment sales usually means fighting a crowd and standing in line. I have broken down and gone to these last ones though because I am getting desperate for kids clothes. We haven’t had as many hand-me-downs lately! I did get some really good deals, and at today’s sale, I even found some clothes for Kathryne. (The older the child, the fewer the consignment clothes.) Unfortunately we also ended up with a My Little Pony Amusement Park that I am sure we needed about as much as much as we need more rain around here. But, it made a child happy and certainly cost less than new!

Today was St.Patrick’s Day. I should have done some sort of special school unit or something about St. Patrick, but to be honest, we skipped school today. We were able to tour Jason’s new job (which he starts Monday) today. Then Charles went to work with Jason, and I took all the girls to the consignment sale. To my credit, I will say that I have taught the kids about St. Patrick in the past. And when I went to draw a four leaf clover on our day board today, Kathryne said, “You know, Mom, St. Patrick really used a three leaf clover.” (Like, duh) At first it didn’t register. After I drew the clover, I said, “You know, St. Patrick really used a three leaf clover because he taught about the Trinity. Kathryne: “Um, yeah, that’s what I just said.”

And that’s the kind of day I’ve had. Come on spring! I think I’m ready for Spring Break!

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