Our Attempt At Gardening

I always wish for a garden in the spring. Two different years before we moved into this house we had a garden. The first year we did it, several things grew well. The last year we tried, not so well. Last year we went so far as to actually till a plot, but we never got to the planting. So, needless to say, we are not really garden people.

But, every homeschool family has to have a garden, right? I mean all homeschoolers grow their own food while they are also baking all their own bread and sewing all their own clothes. Um, no. But, I have wanted to have a garden. All children love planting and getting dirty. And nature study goes along really well with gardening- especially since we just finished a science book about plants.

So, today we headed to Lowes and picked out some plants, some herbs, and some vegetables. We settled for container gardening using an old sandbox with its lid. Here is what we’ve got so far:

 We started the vegetable seeds in the little planters but planted our flower bulbs directly in the soil.

Kathryne’s famous words, “Now, mom, please don’t kill our plants.”  I hope we will all learn something from our garden this spring- like how to keep plants alive.

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