Weekly Wrap Up- The Sick Kid Edition

I had all good intentions of not taking another break through the spring and instead finishing up our required 180 days of school by the end of April and taking all of May off.  But, alas, it was not to be.

I caved and took Monday off after a busy weekend.  Kathryne was sick on Tuesday, so that was another day scrapped.  After that I knew she would be recovering on Wednesday and our baby, Abby, wasn’t coming to stay because Kathryne had been sick.  Jason ended up having Thursday and Friday off.  So, we had Spring Break this week!  You gotta love the flexibility of homeschooling!

We’ve had some interesting happenings going on in the meantime.  Jason changed jobs- which I don’t even think I posted about- but has now gone back to his job at the church.  This is why he ended up with Thursday and Friday off of work.  Turns out that while working on cars for a hobby is lots of fun, working on them for a living is not so much.  I am just thankful that he did have options and was not stuck in a job he really disliked!

We did get some gardening in this week.  My last post shows our new plantings and our hopes for our spring garden.

I had the opportunity to go to a local mini homeschool convention today.  I attended two good workshops and got to visit one of my favorite homeschool bookstores who had a booth at the convention.  It was nice to be recharged for the rest of the school year.

Next week, I am planning a regular school week.  We may take off Friday because we would like to go camping if the weather permits.

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