Weekly Wrap Up- The Snow Day Edition

As I posted yesterday, our warm and sunny south has not been so warm and sunny this winter. This week we had more snow. For some reason my children think that means no school. I have tried to explain that snow does not keep us from school as it does the public schools. Anyway, the snow, which lasted all day Tuesday but didn’t stick too much, disturbed our week slightly.

Monday, we had a normal school day.

Tuesday, we did our school work while watching the snow come down all day. Most of it did not stick because the temperatures were well above freezing.

On Wednesday, I let the big kids complete their independent work quickly and head outside for a while to play in the muddy, snowy slush that stuck around. None of our Wednesday activities were canceled, so we headed out Wednesday afternoon to dance and AWANA.

Thursday was a good school day at home also. We are plugging along and getting much done. Kathryne is enjoying Saxon math. It is more work for her, but she is getting used to it and I think she is going to learn alot.

Friday, we were able to have a fun field trip to Earth Fare for a kids cooking class. The kids listened to a story and made cheese quesadillas and beans and rice. Thankfully the weather was beautiful Friday afternoon, so the kids were able to play outside. We are not going to do this last session of co-op on Fridays, but we are looking forward to a field day with our co-op friends in April.

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