Weekly Wrap Up- The Everything is Winding Down Edition

Officially, we have three more days to make 180 school days (which is required in our state).  Woohoo!  We have finished history, literature, and picture study.  Charles and Kathryne have both finished spelling.  Charles has finished math.  We have two more lessons in Latin, and Kathryne has ten more math lessons to reach lesson 50.  Because she didn’t change to Saxon until almost March, I told her if she finished through lesson 50, we could stop until the fall.  She is doubling up and breezing through some lessons because much of the material is a review.  She almost could have started the next level up, but there was some material I felt she had not covered well enough in Math U See, so I wanted her to go through the 6/5 book.

I think we will finish up school this next week!

Besides a productive week in school, we had some major thunderstorms this week with hail:

We went strawberry picking:

And we finished out our week with the children’s choir program tonight:

All in all , a good week!

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