Weekly Wrap Up- Great Wolf Lodge Edition

Did you notice that my title had nothing about a sick kid this week?  Hooray!

We were able to go to Great Wolf Lodge in Concord from Saturday to Sunday last weekend because everyone was well.  We all enjoyed playing in the water park, playing MagiQuest, mini golf, the arcade, and all kinds of fun family activity.

We also got back into the school routine this week.
 Language Arts:  Kathryne and Charles are finishing up Little Britches. With Ashlyne and Rachel I am continuing Reading Made Easy lessons.  Ashlyne can read simple words and sentences.  Rachel can identify many letters and their sounds.  Charles has completed his spelling book for the year.  Kathryne has three more lessons in her book.
Math:  Charles completed his math book this week.  Kathryne is continuing through Saxon 6/5.  She will not finish by the end of May since we switched curriculum just a few months ago, but she has made a good start and will continue on with 6/5 in the fall.
Latin– We have completed chapter 14 of Latin for Children.  I don’t think we can finish the book, but we are going to make it through chapter 18- the next review lesson.  I have taken things rather slowly with Latin this year because it was our first year to  learn Latin.
Music– We are still listening to Classics for Kids each week.  I plan to continue that through May.
Picture study- We finished up our study of DaVinci this week watching a video from Discovery Education and will not start another artist study until the fall. 
Science- We have been doing some Springtime science activities.  This week, we talked about the difference between spring in the Northern and Southern hemispheres and plotted spring temps on a bar graph.  Then we talked about the water cycle and watched a Magic school bus video on the water cycle from Discovery Education.
Copywork– Kathryne and Charles are working through Little Girls and Little Boys copywork.  Ashlyne and Rachel are working through Handwriting Without Tears.  I love this curriculum and wish I had done it with Kathryne and Charles when they were younger.
Lapbooking:  I finished up a penguin lapbook with Ashlyne and Rachel this week.  We are through with the lapbook but are still reading The Penguin Puzzle, a magic schoolbus book.
Bible– We have two more weeks of AWANA, so the children are still studying away.  Kathryne and Charles are reading through the Bible slowly but surely.  Together we are reading through Exodus.   I hope to complete Exodus by the end of our quarter.
Over the next few weeks, we are going to be working on finishing up things, so we can take a school break the last two weeks of May.  We school year round, so we will start over in June.

This coming week, we are going to continue on with regular school work and hopefully take a fun field trip- yet to be announced- on Friday.

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