Weekly Wrap Up- Yet Another Sick Kid(s) Edition

Hey, did you notice that my title is almost the same as last week?  That’s because every one of my four lovely children eventually came down with strep this week!  Yes, every last one. Almost every day of the week, someone else woke up sick.  I had to make a chart to help me remember all the antibiotic doses we are taking.

Needless to say, we didn’t get much school done around here this week.  I did buckle down yesterday and accomplish some math with Charles and Kathryne, finish up our Latin review unit, and work on lapbooks with Ashlyne and Rachel.  We did more of the same today, including a Reading Made Easy lesson with Ash and Ray.

Tomorrow we are taking our antibiotic laden family and heading to Great Wolf Lodge where we supposed to head last Friday when the strep first struck.

I guess I’ll just call this Spring Break 2 and try again next week.

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