Another Week of Vacation

I just realized that I haven’t blogged all week!

We are still taking it easy, no school for now.  We did go to a great park about 45 minutes away this week.  We went with some homeschool friends of ours.  The kids had a good time playing and picnicking, and I had a great time socializing.

We’re also able to swim now- not in our above ground which is unfortunately covered in algae still.  But, we have gotten to go twice to my sister’s neighborhood pool.  I love these lazy summer days of swimming, picnicking and staying outside until dark!

This week, I am planning to take the kids to visit Discovery Place- a large local science museum- before local schools are out and things are crowded.  We are also planning an end of the school year picnic at the river with some homeschooling friends, and probably more swimming at my sister’s pool.

Next week it is back to a regular routine- drama camp for the big kids and then back to school work for us all.

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