Cleaning Up, Cleaning Out, and Moving On

We have officially finished our required 180 school days!  Woohoo!  This may not seem like a big deal because we do school year round, but when I can see 4-5 lovely weeks stretching out ahead of me with no school, I am as excited as the kids!

No school gives extra time for house cleaning and all those projects that get left behind while we are doing school.  I have cleaned off and organized all the bookshelves.  I have cleaned out what clothes I still needed to go through for the kids.  I filed and organized all our school things from the past year.  I updated all the school records for the year and filed those.  I cleaned out the kids school boxes.  I helped Charles clean out his room.  (The girls had been done recently.)  I cleaned out Abby’s (the baby I keep) clothes and packed away what she had outgrown.  I even cleaned out the van!  I also set up Hoomeschool Tracker for the new school year and printed off the things we need for our summer unit.  Whew!  I feel industrious!

I plan on taking the next few weeks off.  Kathryne and Charles have drama camp the first week of June (which I will count as school), and Charles has flag football camp the second week of June (which will probably be a vacation week).

I hope we can take a few field trips the next couple of weeks while the weather is really nice and before regular school gets out.

This week, we also finished up dance and AWANA with a recital and awards program.  So, programming is officially over for the summer also!

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