Mother's Day Camping

Every year, Jason and I take the kids somewhere for Mother’s Day to spend the day just the six of us.  And every year, we usually camp on Memorial Day weekend.  But, this year, we’re not going to be able to camp around Memorial Day because of Kidshine and Flag Football camp.  So, we combined the two and camped for Mother’s Day.

Amazingly, it did NOT rain on this camping trip.  Which was a wonderful thing for me.  So, we did not pack up and come home in the middle of the night.  Which was a wonderful thing for Jason.  We really had wonderful weather.  There was a slight bug invasion last night culminating in thousands of dead gnat carcasses.  But, other than that, it was a good trip.  We finally have this sleeping thing worked out.  Jason and I slept in the camper.  Kathryne had her own tent.  And Charles and the little girls slept in the big tent.  We had plenty of room for everyone!  And we only got up an average of four times per night to walk to the bathrooms.

I pointed out to Jason when we were home this afternoon that it took about two hours to load up Friday, about two hours to set up at the campground, about two hours to take down this morning, and about two hours to unload and clean up today.  Not to mention the five loads of laundry looking at me for tomorrow.  All of this for two nights and one good day at the campground.  Hmmm, is it any wonder that camping may not be my favorite vacation?

Actually, we had a very good time.  The kids love camping, and it is at least tolerable for me now.  We rented a boat this time.  That was lots of fun.  And Jason’s family came down for a cookout last night, so we had lots of fun with that.  I was happy to get home and gt clean today, but I think I will live to camp again.

The setup

Jason making breakfast

Ashlyne, the Patriot

The campfire


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