Vacation Week Number On

This week was a vacation week- no school.  We took full advantage of our vacation.

On Tuesday, we went to Plaza Fiesta- a local indoor play place.  I typically avoid indoor play places because of the germs, but flu season is mostly over here, and this place has a reputation for being very clean.  I was impressed by the cleanliness and safety measures, and, because local schools were still in, there were few other people there.  The kids had a great time and played for about three hours on the play equipment.

On Wednesday, we took a much needed library trip.  I had books to return, and all of the kids needed books.  We also went out to lunch at McCallisters.

On Thursday, we didn’t have our baby because she had been sick and running a fever, so we went to Ray’s Splash Planet- the indoor water park- for one of the last homeschool Thursdays of the season.  On Thursdays during the school year, homeschoolers can play in the water park for a greatly reduced rate.  Ray’s was very uncrowded.  We played and had a good time!

On Friday, we (I) decided to stay home for the day.  We had potential plans to bowl with friends, but they were sick.  I enjoyed having a day at home after a busy week.

This week, we don’t have quite so many things planned.  I think we will do a park day with the homeschool group if the weather is agreeable, and we are going to try to get together with the friends from last week.

We are enjoying our vacation!

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