Weekly Wrap Up- Still On Summer Break Edition

I haven’t done a weekly wrap up in a few weeks- mostly because we haven’t been doing any school.  This was our last official week of this vacation period which has lasted through most of May.

On Monday, we took a trip to our local science museum to enjoy it BEFORE schools get out and it is packed.

On Wednesday, we had a picnic at the river with some other homeschool families.  I forgot my camera, but the excitement was that we saw a snake which we think was a copperhead!  Ugggh!

On  Thursday we joined the YMCA.  Yea!  This is something we had considered for a while.  When we finally decided our Easy Set pool was too dirty to reclaim this year, we thought a Y membership, at least through the summer, would be great!

Today we went bowling with more homeschool friends.  The kids all enjoyed playing, and Charles and Kathryne both bowled at least one strike.

Next week Kathryne and Charles will participate in drama camp, and with that this vacation period will officially end, and we will start our summer school schedule.

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