Couponing- June 24

I shopped at Target on Thursday, June 24th.  I paid $74 for about $84 in retail.  I bought cleaning supplies and health and beauty supplies that were on sale and had matching coupons.

I’m learning some things as I go:

1.  Double check the sales ads as well as looking at the savings sites online.  I had a coupon for an item at Target that my online source said was on sale, but it really wasn’t on sale.  I still purchased because the coupon was good, but I wonder if it would have been better to have waited.

2.  I am having some trouble finding the matching coupons.  I think some of that will improve with time as I get more used to the system and have more coupons saved, but I quickly decided I needed to clip and organize the coupons as I got them instead of keeping the insert whole.

3.  Sometimes the brand that is on sale is still not the cheapest even with a coupon.  I have heard lots about making a price book, and I think I really need to do it, so I can always compare.

With the Target trip and the BiLo trip this week, I spent $179 for grocery and health and beauty.  I’m not really thrilled with that, but it did include snacks for Charles’s football team and a few pharmacy things that were not on sale at all.

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