Couponing- June 26

After some research, I decided to try the trial version of The Grocery Game.  This is a similar service to what Southern Savers does for free, but it is MUCH more detailed and complete in its organization.  I used it today to set up my list for Harris Teeter.  I knew Harris Teeter was having a special coupon doubling (up to 1.99 this week), so I chose Harris Teeter to go to this week.

The Grocery Game allows you to pick one or more stores and provides a DETAILED list matching all sales to available coupons.  The site also has a coupon tracker which allows you to look up any coupons you may be missing.  On The Grocery Game, items are organized to show you which ones to only buy by need, which ones to stock up on, and which ones may even be free!

My results at Harris Teeter:
I spent 46.49 for 99.07 retail items.  I was amazed that on my second week I managed a trip where I paid less than half of the retail cost of my items!

I am going to keep trying out The Grocery Game for my four weeks.  If I choose to keep it after that, I can get two stores lists for $15 for 8 weeks.  I figure that breaks down to 7.50 a month.  IF I can really get our grocery budget down from $700 a month to $400 a month- which is my goal- it will be well worth the 7.50 a month.

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