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Jason and I had a good time at the state homeschool convention.  We always enjoy getting away for a while- just the two of us.  We stayed Thursday and Friday night in a hotel while the children stayed with his mom for those nights.  We had some friends from town who were also at the convention, and we were able to meet up and hang out.  We also enjoyed getting together with some friends who used to live locally but now live near the convention location.

This year’s featured speaker was Paul Tripp who was talking about parenting from the heart.  We were interested in hearing him because we have heard Ted Tripp, his brother, in the Shepherding A Child’s Heart Series.  His addresses were quite convicting.
Shepherding a Child's HeartAge of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens, Second Edition (Resources for Changing Lives)

We also went to several workshops.  On Friday, we attended a workshop about preparing for middle school.  This year we will have a middle schooler!  The speaker was encouraging because she emphasized thinking outside the box and the fact that middle school should be so much more than academics.  On Saturday, my favorite workshop was about couponing.  After so long hearing and reading about the effectiveness of couponing, I am going to take the leap and try it.  I learned lots from the workshop and feel competent to start!  I’ll be posting more about my couponing journey.

I did not need to buy much curriculum because I already have most of what we need for the fall.  I did go ahead and buy our Latin for Children Primer B- the next one we need, the next Handwriting Without Tears books for Ashlyne and Rachel, and cursive copywork books for Kathryne and Charles.  I also picked up The Fallacy Detectives.  This book was recommended by the middle school speaker who recommended teaching logic. 

The Fallacy Detective: Thirty-Eight Lessons on How to Recognize Bad Reasoning

Besides my curriculum buys, I found a used book seller and got some great buys on used books.  I also found a buy one get one book seller from a Florida company and picked up some just for fun books for the kids.  Our big just for fun purchase was a very cool set of books- the Kingdom Series.  These books are written by a homeschooling dad and are an allegory of the Bible set in the middle ages.

Kingdom's Dawn (Kingdom, Book 1)Kingdom's Hope (Kingdom, Book 2)Kingdom's Edge (Kingdom, Book 3)

We had a very refreshing and encouraging time.  I have renewed excitement for parenting and teaching our children.  We had a good time with other homeschooling friends.  I’m already looking forward to next summer’s convention.

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