Happy Father's Day (A Little Late)

I am blessed beyond words to have had a good father growing up.  At the time, I didn’t think it was anything different.  But, now that I am older, I realize how rare that is.  My father loves me dearly and taught me much.  I am thankful to have him as a father and a friend.

I am also blessed to have a husband who is a wonderful father.  Again, I know this isn’t the norm.  Jason loves me.  He encourages me.  He works hard to support our family.  Sometimes I am asked if he is involved in our homeschooling.  The answer is a resounding YES.  If he didn’t work hard, so I could stay at home with our children, I couldn’t homeschool.  He cares about the kids and makes time for them.  He takes the time to really talk to them about important things.  He is always there as a sounding board when I am having trouble with school things.

Happy Father’s Day!

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