Little Kids Camp

Kathryne and Charles are going to Kidshine drama camp this week.  Ashlyne and Rachel are rather lost without their big siblings, so I told them we were doing “little kid” camp at home this week.  Yesterday, Jason was home and we didn’t keep Abby, so we headed up to the Pineville Mall to eat lunch and play on the play place.

Today, we read a good book about sea turtles.Turtle Tracks

This was a follow up to a cool 3D movie we saw at Discovery Place about sea turtles.

Then Ashlyne and Rachel made a turtle out of card stock and paper plates.

Ashlyne and Rachel also colored sea turtle coloring sheets.

After lunch we took a short trip to the park.  It was very hot, so we only stayed a little while.

Tomorrow the girls are going to stay with Grandmommy while the big kids are in drama camp.  They will get to play with their cousins for tomorrow’s “Little Kid Camp.”

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