My Venture Into Couponing

One of the workshops I attended at the homeschool convention was a couponing workshop.  I know several people who coupon.  (By the way, have you noticed that “coupon” is a verb now?)  Anyway, I have read about couponing and tried to dabble in it a bit myself.  But, frankly, it seemed overwhelming.

I definitely need to do something about our food bills.  We have added some organic and all natural products, and our grocery bills have risen exponentially.  Add in the times we go out to eat – which are all too frequent- and we have a horrendous food budget each month.

I’ve been trying to do something to reign things in, so I went to the couponing workshop with great expectations.

This was an hour long workshop, so of course, it was not a complete couponing class.  The lady who gave the workshop is a homeschooling mom who does coupon and teaches classes at churches and organizations. Her typical classes are three hours long.  She gave us a basic introduction of why and how to coupon and referenced some websites to get started.

Even though it was a short class, the information she gave combined with what I had read and heard so far really helped things “click” for me!  I walked away determined to begin doing this to save us money.

Perhaps some of you already coupon.  Perhaps you would like to begin but feel overwhelmed as I did (and still do).  If you are already good at this, I would appreciate any tips.  If you are new and want to do this to save money, follow along as I get started.  Maybe we can encourage each other.  I’m going to try to post each week to let you know how my couponing is going.

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