Reading Through the Bible in 90 Days

At the beginning of the year, I joined with Amy at Mom’s Toolbox to read through the Bible in 90 days.  I thought it would be difficult to read that much at a time.  I was used to reading through the Bible each year.  I have done that most years since college.  I know there are many benefits to reading through the Bible cover to cover, and; although I knew doing it in 90 days would be more difficult, I did not anticipate the benefits of doing it this way!

Here are some of the great benefits I found reading through the Bible in 90 days:
1.  Reading straight through the Bible cover to cover gives a good picture of the flow of things through history.  Reading through in a year still gives the flow, but reading through more quickly this way really helped me to follow along without losing the train of thought.
2.  Reading through the Bible so quickly and consistently really helped me to see the connectedness of things.  When I finished all the gospels within a week or so, I could really see how they went together!  When I read through the prophets so soon after finishing the kings, I could really see how the prophecies tied in with the current political situation in the kingdom.
3.  Committing to read through in 90 days also helped me to be really consistent.  When I read through in a year, I can skip a few days now and then and catch up pretty easily.  When I am reading through in 90 days, I cannot afford to miss days!  I was VERY consistent.
4.  Reading and rereading the Bible always gives me a new sense of Who God is and His big picture plan.  I loved the flow that i got reading through in 90 days.

These are just a few of the benefits I experienced when I read through the Bible in 90 days.  God’s Word is powerful and living and will always touch hearts and lives when we take the time to read it and memorize it.

Amy is beginning another tour through the Bible in 90 days in July.  I plan to read through again and hopefully to mentor some new readers.  If you are interested, you can check out Amy’s information below.  For my reading, I did not buy the Bible in 90 Days Bible.  I like to read online in different translations, so I read from BibleGateway or  If you enjoy having a real book to read, I have heard great things about the Bible in 90 Days Bible.  I know the reading is organized for every day which it makes it easy to keep up and follow along.  I hope you’ll check out Amy’s site and join her in reading through the Bible in 90 days beginning in July.

Blogging through the Bible in 90 Days with begins July 5. Participants will read every word of the Bible, check in weekly on and be encouraged in their journey into God’s Word.
Those interested in learning more, should follow this link:
To sign up, please follow this link:

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