Weekly Wrap Up- Ending up in the ER

Jason and I came home from the homeschool convention on Saturday.  Ashlyne began running a fever Sunday evening.  She ran one on and off until Tuesday, but she never really felt bad or had other symptoms.  Jason took her to the doctor on Tuesday and they said it was probably viral- no strep, ear infection, etc.  She had no fever Wednesday, Thursday, or today.  We went to the mall this afternoon, and when we came home, she complained of a bad headache.  By this evening, she was curled up moaning in the chair.  This is our child who rarely complains.  Jason took her to the ER while I took Charles to his football game.  Turns out, she has a double ear infection which apparently triggered a migraine.  With children, the excitement never ends!

Besides our illnesses, we had a pretty quiet week.  We continued on our Answers in Genesis unit study.  We are doing an ancient Egypt lapbook, and we made bookmarks.

Charles played in his first flag football game and scored a touchdown!

We spent lots of time in the pool hanging out and avoiding the extreme heat we’ve had locally.

Other than our impromptu trip to the ER tonight, we’ve had a good week.  Hopefully and prayerfully Ashlyne is on the mend now, and next week will be a little quieter.

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