Couponing- July 11- a Really Good CVS trip!

I went to CVS tonight and had a really good night!  I bought 72.94 retail for 21.39!  Included in this trip was four packages of Advil PM, three Suave body washes, Suave deodorant, Suave shampoo, Bic pens, and scissors.  I thought I did really well!  I also got $7 additional dollars in ECB.

When I went through tonight and calculated money spent on groceries and health and beauty, I have spent $559.18 so far since June 21st.  That is not quite a month.  It is definitely not my goal yet, BUT we also had the beach trip, and I counted what I spent on groceries at the beach in that as well.

I am hoping we can make it through the month with $650.  That will be slightly less than our average and MUCH better than this time last year including the beach.

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