Couponing- July 19- I'm Not Sure This is Working

Last week’s couponing:

I had a trip to Target on Friday.  I spent 106.73 for 133.36 in retail.  I had a good trip and that included some school supplies.  On Saturday, I went to Food Lion with coupons and a list.  I paid $110, but I lost my receipt, so I don’t remember the exact original price.  I believe the savings on my receipt was listed as $32.

So far for June 21-July 19 (almost a month and I don’t anticipate another trip before Wednesday) I have spent 850.84 at the grocery store on food and health and beauty items.  I know this includes the beach (which was almost $300 worth of grocery stuff last year), but this is still not showing me much savings.

Jason is encouraging me to keep on and look at it another month.  This month, we will not have a beach trip, and I have a stockpile built now and should just be adding coupon/sale items to it.  We’ll see how the July-August month goes.

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