Couponing- June 30

Last night I took my lists and headed to three stores.  It is my goal to take all our dry goods to the beach and only have to buy some dairy, meat and produce when we get there.

Family Dollar- Our local store had some really great deals and some coupons.  I don’t usually go to Family Dollar, but I was impressed by the sales!  I spent $45.90, saved $12.68 in coupons, and really got lots of product for my money!

CVS- This was my first venture into the drugstore game.  I used my new Extra Care card and coupons.  I spent $67.31.  I saved $33.83 in coupons.  And I got back $13 in ECB.

Food Lion- I did the best here.  I was very proud of myself because I went in with my list and ONLY bought what was on my list.  I paid $20.01 and saved $41.01 in coupons.

I am finding that my stockpile is really growing!  I’m very excited that I will have most of what we need at the beach ready to go and not have to spend much down there!

I’ve been couponing for almost three weeks now.  At the end of the month, I will calculate my total month’s budget for food/cleaning/health and beauty.

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