My Little Swimmer

My two big kids have had green bands at the Y all summer.  That means they can go anywhere in the pool.  Ashlyne has wanted to take the test for the blue band- one step below green but able to go down one slide.  She has worked and worked on swimming all summer and finished one round of swim lessons.

Tonight she took the test and passed!  She has a blue band and can go down one slide!  She was so excited.  She said,”Mom, I’m not a baby anymore!”  This child has never been a baby.  That is the theme of her life- to keep up with big kids.

I only have one more “baby,” and she is starting to want to be grown up now too.  It is bittersweet.  There is so much more freedom now in what we can do, but I miss that little baby stage where they are so dependent.  Ah, the seasons of life.

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