Weekly Wrap Up- Getting Back Into the Groove

We’ve been doing school on and off all summer, but we are getting into a more normal schedule now.  We still have some fun things planned with friends before “real school” starts back, but we are getting into more of a regular routine.

I sat down this week and laid out our fall calendar as best as I can for now planing activities for each child and for us as a family.  So far, I know we are participating in choir and AWANA at church; Kathryne is participating in our middle school group- All Access and will be a part of the local teen homeschool group.  Charles is going to play soccer.  Kathryne is going to take a homschool drama/theater class.  I am looking into activities for the little girls, but I am not sure what to look at right now.  Ashlyne would love to do gymnastics, but it is so expensive!  I am looking at activities we can do at the Y because we are already members.  Besides church, we have tried to limit each child to one activity at a time because of cost and family size.

This week, we finished up our Ancient Egypt Lapbooks and our human body unit study.

Charles finished up a hot and rainy and stormy season of flag football.

We started a second round of swim lessons.

And, we had Kathryne and Rachel’s family birthday party at the Y pool.

For the rest of the month of August, we are doing some odds and ends school stuff that I have had for a while and not gotten to- some fun “extras.”  We are reading two books this week:  American History Stories You Never Read in School but Should Have and See Through Storms.
See Through Storms (See-Through)
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