Bible in 90 Days Check-In

I realized that I had not done a Bible in 90 Days check-in recently.  I am caught up in my 90 days of reading, and we are headed down the home stretch now.
I am reading in the gospels- started John today.  I had a little catching up to do from being on vacation, so I read through most of Luke and into John today- two days worth.
I love reading through the gospels.  It is much easier than the law and the prophets from the Old Testament!  I have gotten so much out of reading through in 90 days these two times because everything seems to flow together so much better when I read straight through in a short time.  I understand the law and the prophets more in the light of the other Old Testament history, and the gospels seem even more relevant when I am looking at their connection with the Old Testament I just finished.  I know I’ve said this over and over during both of my reading through in 90 days, but it is so true for me.  I would encourage anyone to try this 90 day reading program.  It is lots of reading, and it is definitely NOT an in depth study, but it is a new and fresh way to really see the Bible!
The gospels are interesting because they are four accounts of some of the same events of Jesus’s life.  I found two great charts comparing the gospels:
This one gives lots of information about the gospels– the authors, the intended audience, and other historical information.
This one offers a detailed comparison of all the events recorded in the gospels.
I’m a very visual person, so the charts help me to see how all the gospels fit together.
I’m less than 20 days away from finishing my reading through this time.  I’m going to do some in depth Old Testament study next, but I’m already thinking about when I want to read through again.

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