Bible in 90 Days- I Finished!

I am once again finished with my reading through the Bible in 90 Days!  I am actually finished on day 85.  I didn't use any of grace days this time, and I decided today to go ahead and read a little extra and finish.  I had a little more time because we had a lighter homeschool day today.

Once again, I am amazed by the continuity I experience reading through the Bible this way.  God promises us in His Word that his Word will not return void.  I know every time I read- whether I am studying in depth or reading through lightly- God blesses what I read and speaks to me through His Word.

I am going to take a break for a while and do some more in depth study of the Old Testament.  I know Amy from Mom's Toolbox is going to do this again in January, and I am sure I will read with her again.  Please join us if you have been considering this.  It is a wonderful way to be submerged in God's Word!

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