The Courtney Family Labor Day

We started our Labor Day with no particular plans.  I decided not to try to do school because Jason was home.  It is always hard to get school done when Daddy is home.  So, we ended up doing a variety of things.

Jason made a bike rack to clean up all the bikes in the driveway.  He found the plans on the internet.

The girls spent the morning in the bathroom made into The Diva Day Spa with Kathryne, the spa lady giving spa treatments to Ashlyne and Rachel.

The kids all rode bikes and the older ones helped Rachel work on riding without training wheels.  She’s our last to learn a two wheeled bike.

The cats enjoyed basking in the sun.  No, Gracie isn’t dead, just lazy.

We’ve had a good day.  Tonight is a movie night with a double feature- Barbie in a Mermaid’s Tale for the little ones and Avatar for the older ones.

Happy Labor Day!

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